Annotation, Recognition and Evaluation of Actions II (AREA-II)

LaCo Workshop 02/08 03/08

Workshop Chairs:
Ielka van der Sluis (University of Groningen)
James Pustejovsky (Brandeis University)


AREA II is the follow up on the first AREA meeting at LREC 2018.
There has recently been increased interest in modeling actions, as described by natural language expressions and gestures, and as depicted by images and videos. Additionally, action modeling has emerged as an important topic in robotics and HCI. The goal of the AREA II workshop is to gather and discuss advances in research areas where actions are paramount e.g., virtual embodied agents, robotics, HRI, human-computer communication, as well as modeling multimodal human-human interactions involving actions. Action modeling is an inherently multi-disciplinary area, involving contributions from computational linguistics, AI, semantics, robotics, psychology, and formal logic.